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Sneak Peek

Sample Profiles

The Colorado Grants Guide features two types of profiles: Funders and Grants. This allows you to view more high-level information about each Funder while being able to see the unique criteria for each individual Grant Opportunity. View a sample of each profile type here.

Funder Profiles provide information like general funder information, giving interests, purpose, list of grant opportunities, general application criteria and guidelines, past grantees, financials, and contact information. Grant Profiles provide specific information including grants details, giving areas, application dates, application criteria and restrictions, and contact information.

Colorado Grants Guide® 101

These brief videos will give you a brief tutorial and tips & tricks of the database and its basic functions.

Colorado Grants Guide® Demo

Join us for an introductory demo to learn more about where the Colorado Grants Guide® fits in to the fundraising process, how to optimize your searches, and how to maximize the benefits of special features! Email: [email protected] and request a demo!

Frequently Ask Questions

Have questions about the Colorado Grants Guide? Our frequently asked questions will help you better understand what the Colorado Grants Guide has to offer, how to use the searchable database, and the updates that we have recently made to create a smoother, better experience for subscribers.