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Colorado Common Grant Forms

To learn more about the Colorado Common Grant Forms take a look at the Toolkit & Frequently Asked Questions.

Common Grant Application

The Colorado Common Grant Application (CGA) is presented in a format that enables you to save it to your hard drive and complete it without recreating the document. The CGA is a stand-alone document that includes basic instructions for completion.

Common Grant Application – Capital Campaigns

The CGA for Capital Campaigns is designed for capital requests related to the purchase, construction, and/or renovation of a building. It can also be used for land purchase, but is probably not appropriate for purchase of equipment or vehicles unless those are part of a comprehensive building project. As always, check with your grantmaker about their use of the CGA-Capital before submitting a request.

Common Grant Report

Reporting on a funded grant is a critical piece of the grantmaking process. Grant reports allow the funded organization to share the progress, successes, and challenges encountered while implementing the funded grant. Reports also allow grantmakers to gather information on the impact they are making in their own mission areas. In most instances, a grantmaker will not accept another request for funding until the organization has completed the report on their previous funding.

If you have any doubts, confirm with each of your grantmakers that the CGR is acceptable for their purposes. Make sure you tailor your documents for your grant and your grantmaker, including requirements or evaluative information specific to the grant and/or funder.

The CGR is provided in Word so you can open and download the document to your hard drive, writing your report directly on the document.

CGA – User’s Guide

The User’s Guide combines the collective thoughts and experience of grantmakers, grantseekers, and technical assistance providers to explain the intent of each question, to offer tips on crafting a well-rounded answer, and to provide an easily accessible source of help for people writing a grant application. The User’s Guide is not a replacement for a discussion with a specific foundation about your proposal.

The User’s Guide can be read beginning to end or referenced on an as needed basis. The PDF file is bookmarked to allow you to turn directly to the section(s) or question(s) of interest. It can be used online or downloaded to your desktop.

CGR – User’s Guide

The User’s Guide is designed to assist you in using the CGR effectively. It is presented in PDF format with bookmarks and can be used online or as a desktop reference tool.